one of us one of us


for years loyal readers have been privy to the inner workings of my “nephew”

just this past Christmas you watched him do the Gangham style dance with his sister

if you noticed there was a time when he didn’t like to be social

but the xbi saw potential in him and asked me if i was interested in “transitioning” him

tyler spinning the tea cup

i was all, absolutely not, this is a kid who gets dizzy in the teacups at disneyland

shortsop tyler

and they were like, yeah but he’s also a left hand hitting shortstop capable of anything


i said no way.

tyler scar

and then on the xbi instagram i saw the scar and i was all omg they did it anyways

after treatment

the xbi likes to put a chip in the back of the head of its agents

me from back

mine is fading, but its still there.

wooden bathtub

welcome to the agency, tyler, enjoy your wooden bathtub. you’ll need it.

people get suuuuuuper excited about riding their bikes here in LA

tall bike

its mildly annoying.

yes some excellent bloggers like wil campbell tomdog and bicycle mark are not annoying

but most of us had full childhoods and are into driving cars now

or black helicopters.

anyways a few times a year they shut down the streets of LA and let people ride their bikes

people absolutely lose their minds out of joy.

only way that its tolerable is if youre on a 12 foot bike that could fall at any moment that you stopped

if everyone had wacky bikes then fine, i would support this spectacle

otherwise im not at all impressed that omg youre on a bike on a saturday.

buzzkill i know but whatever