12 shows that i remember seeing at the universal amphitheater

weezer at the universal

lisa lisa & cult jam, expose – 1987
randy newman – 1990
beastie boys, cypress hill, rollins band- 1992
weezer, teenage fanclub, that dog – 1995
marilyn manson – 2001
kid rock, tenacious d – 2002
beastie boys – 2004
barack obama, goo goo dolls, ne-yo – 2007
kathy griffin – 2009
mariah carey – 2010
weezer does pinkerton – 2010
no doubt – 2012

rest in peace universal / gibson, i will miss you so very much

yesterday was a busy day for the man with no job


had lunch with a famous LA Times journalist at the redwood bar, then scooted over to hollywood and highland


because glenda and her pal raymond were in town to buy lightsaber shaped e-cigarette pipe deals


then had thai with the beautiful elaine cha at heartbreak thai which now sports some new Groenings


but the biggest part of my day wasnt waiting to get the phone number of this nice young lady dressed as something


nor was it how joyful i was at how many people tweeted my anti cyclavia post


nor was it eating all you can eat wings at hooters with said glenda and raymond


no, it was finally getting past episode 5 in Candy Crush thanks to patience, patience and really good luck.


its now 5:44am so maybe i should call it a day.