went hiking today because i drank so much this weekend


the view was aaaaight


first i went to runyon but on Mondays theres street cleaning from noon to 2 and i was there at 1 so i drove to The Greek


but i saw this super lo-fi street art that screamed “buy more shit. more more more” and i was all, this is perfect for LA


so when i passed this atm i yelled BUY MORE CRAP MORE MORE MORE


and then i bought three dusty grills and a cooler. lucky me, the cooler was full of vintage porn. sadly it was of me. god im old.


so i went hiking cuz bikini season is right around the corner and omg im a whale.


made it to the top of Mt. Hollywood no prob which is weird cuz i havent exercised in weeks. i’ll tell you weds if im hurting.


i wonder if johnny appleseed planted those palm trees


i wonder if johnny applefence made this fence


for sure johnny apple mason made this meeting hall where tsar should play and we take over kcsb and air it and go to jail.

today is Hootenanny’s birthday, it’s 30 years old

Hootenanny: how badass are you to start your second album with everyone playing the wrong instruments. youve got singer Paul Westerberg on drums. 17 year old Tommy Stinson the bassist on guitar, his older brother Bob the guitarist on bass. and drummer Chris on more guitars? Vampire Weekend would never do this.

Run it: Red light red light, run it! They aint gonna shoot, RUN IT!

Color me Impressed: the book on Westerberg is he was the poet laureate of the lonely. And with this line “everybody at your party they dont look depressed, everybody’s dressing funny – color me impressed” you see why.

and those are just the first three songs of this, the most underrated Replacements album in their discography.

happy birthday Hootenanny!