Tommy Lasorda gives the stink eye to Psy dancing at Dodger Stadium

psy at dodger stadium

as he should

Jimmy Bramlett of LAist was at the game and said Psy’s on the Pslide

A year after his “Gangnam Style” took over the world he’s not getting the same amount of love for his new single “Gentleman”. It was bad enough that he was overtaken in the Korean pop charts by the 63-year old Cho Yong-Pil last week. But on the day he came to Dodger Stadium to help renew his PSY-mania, he got upstaged by his fellow countryman [Dodger rookie hurler] Ryu Hyun-Jin.

PSY did have his moment of glory. In the middle of the fourth inning he was shown dancing his signature moves that sent the crowd of 47,602 in a frenzy. It was brief though. When it was over, the people returned to the game.

personally i like Psy. any pudgy dude who does not look like a Details coverboy

who sings in a freakin foreign language

and makes up pretty complicated dances that sweep the globe, is fine with me

because all of that is sorta impossible to do.

but i dont think the ball park is the right place for such a spectacle.

or just let him perform in the outfield after the game on one of those fireworks friday nights.

i think thats what tommy is saying with that face of his. and maybe what these dodger fans are saying on instagram

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hey tony how on earth are you calling Stink an EP?

the replacements stink

a gentle reader named wiser writes into the world famous busblog on the Hootenany birthday post and says:

a Happy Birthday indeed, but there’s only one problem with this note. Hootenany is the ‘Mats THIRD album not second. There was “Sorry, Ma …” followed by “Stink,” which can never be discounted as a throw-away or an “EP” because it’s a release that certainly does stand on its own. And, to make it even more clear, upon the ‘Mats re-release of their discography with additional songs, “Stink” was included in that series.

i completely agree that Stink is freaking amazing. in fact it contains two of my favorite songs – not just favorite Replacements songs – but all-time favorite songs in the history of punkerdom

“Fuck School” and “God Damn Job” are perfect in each and every way. when Nobama lets us start really gay marrying things those two songs will be my first sister wives.

The latter should have been written by Hank Jr. Dude has the blood in his veins from the greatest songwriter ever and yet somehow Westerberg, a young Westerberg at that, penned the minimalistic but exquisite

I need a God damn  job/I need a God damn job/I really need a God damn job/I need a God damn job/Goooooood Damnit/Gooooood Damnit/God damn, I need a God damn job.

How ya gonna beat that? Sure it’s in the same basic punk rock structure as “I Hate Music” from Sorry Ma, but even more so somehow.

“Go” is haunting and beautiful.

“Kids Won’t Follow” puts everything out today to shame.

“White and Lazy” is funny, bluesy and then scary.  (“Sounds good in here.”)

“Dope Smokin Moron” is what Westerberg talks about when he says the early days of the Replacements were them trying and failing to be a hardcore punk rock band. Bros didn’t fail on that one.

“Stuck In The Middle” should have gotten the Replacements in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame off this line alone: “I got a head full of teeth and a pocket full of nothing.”

But Stink is an EP. Not because of girth, but because of length.


That’s not an LP. LP = Long playing record.

Even that reissue you mention, the one with the sweet bonus tracks is only 26 minutes. Weezer don’t even make albums that short.

So no, if you are saying that EP means a throwaway, then I agree with you, Stink is nothing I’ll ever throw away. What I am saying is that it’s an EP because way back in the day thats what you put out because you couldn’t afford the studio time, production time, or didnt have enough songs for a full album.

Next thing you’re gonna tell me is Come On Pilgrim was box set :)

he’s big, he’s black, he’s a current nba veteran, and he came out Monday

Jason Collins

Here’s some of the reaction on twitter from his peers


more after the jump..

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