asia’s most popular blogger has a baby

Xiaxue aka Wendywendy

it seemed like xiaxue was popular from the start, but it’s never that simple.

she did achieve quite a few accomplishments, however, on her rise to the top.

the first was having beautiful design on the not-so-easy-to-tweak Blogspot platform

then once she became internet famous she was deluged with the backlash of haters. something that she’s had to deal with for almost exactly ten years now.

but one thing “wendy” has been able to do that has eluded millions: she has been able to make a living off her Blogger blog.

recently she delivered her first child, $25,000 of which was sponsored.

and it makes sense, she’s still enormously popular, despite/inspite of her lashing out at critics, she has tons of people who read her. she does youtube videos, commercials, and all the typical social media communique you’d expect.

she’s got over 125k subscribers on her YouTube channel, 150k twitter followers and over 200k followers on Instagram. the 28 year old from Singapore and will get tens of thousands of likes on her pics no matter if it’s a pic of her newborn, a snap of macarons, or one of many images of her pet bunny Igloo.

for the last year our girl has been remodeling her home, and even that has sponsors.

and of course a video

shes come quite a long way since she was nice enough to link to the busblog back in 2005.

married a nice american man, makes videos where she kisses FHM girls, and now has delivered a child with such ease it doesnt even seem real:

is there nothing she can’t do?

and in full makeup. ha!

anyways congrats!