1. Thursday, April 18, 2013

    got invited to the green carpet for the new cheech & chong movie, so i went 

    cheech and chong

    it was fun.

    green carpet

    i love the Roxy tons, and who has anything bad to say about the Sunset Strip?


    a bunch of lowriders were there.

    munchiessweet shirt

    they had munchies and people wearing cool tshirts


    cheech and chong were nice to everyone and still funny as hell

    munchie machine

    everything was weed related even the food truck


    which i assumed so i wore my green pumas

    cocktail menu

    even the (free) drink menu was stoney – including the wristband


    it was nice to see Lou Adler there, owner of the Roxy, longtime producer of Cheech & Chong. but he ran back to the Laker game.

    chong cheech and lou adler

    but not before snapping some pics with the boys.

    Ron Jeremy was there so i asked him about the LA Times story that said only 2 XXX movies have been (legally) shot in LA since the controversial “Condoms Only on Porn Sets” ordinance.

    The Hedgehog says he doesnt smoke weed. And strangely during the movie I smelled less weed in the Roxy than I’ve ever smelled in there for anything. ironic, dontcha think?