1. Monday, April 22, 2013

    jack and the monkees know that its good to always be working 


    as fun as it is to relax in the sun of hollywood during a beautiful spring, it’s best to create – especially with others


    imagine if LA was inhabited by a bunch of slackers who were all, lets just chill and enjoy the view

    springsteen walking past the tower records on sunset

    the boss would never would have wanted to see the tower records on sunset

    frances bean cobain

    and frances bean would have just wanted to stay in seattle and be cool.

    howard stern and beth stern

    sometimes i ask myself, how is it that howard stern isnt copied by more people, he is super successful, after all


    and then i realize, many people are afraid to really go for it in life


    even though they know that life is short and the unique things they have to offer could really help people


    imagine if these three bad brothers just said you know we’ll just play music that is mellow and safe


    with that said, sometimes i think people are a little too ambitious and should leave certain things alone


    some things are just perfect the way they are


    ok, it’s bedtime. bon nuit,