today is the cubs home opener and most of us have given up already

Kyuji Fujikawawhich isnt as sad as you think.

sometimes its nice to just enjoy the game

not worry whos winning and whos losing.

we’re watching baseball: we’re all winning.

we’re eating the most unhealthy things man has ever mushed together.

we’re drinking things we had to acquire tastes for.

we’re sitting in terribly uncomfortable seats next to people who want to fight us.

we’re winning.

the cubs are rebuilding this year and we get to watch.

today they officially decided to start rebuilding at the closer position, which is good because over the winter they spent almost $10 million for Kyuji Fujikawa, a 32 year old japanese reliever.

unfortunately the cubs already have a pitcher theyre paying $10 to finish up baseball games, Carlos Marmol.

carlos has not had a very good first week of the 2013 season and yesterday he lost the game for the cubs. but Kyuji Fujikawa didn’t pitch so good in it neither.

which is why most of us are giving up on this season because who are we kidding.

this is the year we enjoy the blue skies, pretty sunshine

and all the delightful sounds that come with the game.

forget the scoreboard, play ball.