1. Sunday, April 28, 2013

    you know it was a good party if you wake up the next day at 4pm 


    yesterday the Daily Nexus hosted a kickass reunion bash that brought together the past


    with the present Nexites in the cozy concrete office where all the magic happens


    tianna and carissa are next year’s news editors.

    basically this is what jeff solomon and max donnelly looked like to the class of 1969 when they visited us.


    there was a nice spread of food booze and other treats thanks to the generosity of people other than me.


    jeanine did her best to corrupt the minds of todays youth but aint nobody got time for that


    they were busy tagging the darkroom <3


    and being excellent to one another. speaking of which…


    Elspeth and Barb were there looking exactly the same as when we first met them back in the day. Weird.


    you know how everything seems smaller when you go back home? it wasnt anything like that at all: it was just right.


    computor wiz jeffrey p mcmanus, one of the few people who, in the 80s,
    knew how to work the sole Mac, organized the alumns to be there, and worked the twitter and facebook
    great job jeff!


    and the hard working kids of the current administration came back into the office during their one day off


    to party with us gray beards and grandmas and superstars and hasbeens

    tony pierce steve elzer daily nexus

    i had the pleasure of “interviewing” former nexus Editor in Chief steve elzer who is currently a suit at Sony Pictures

    who told the kids earnestly that everything he does today, like helping to get Spider-man on the cover of Time


    to turning lemons into lemonade when weird things like the director of the CIA and Sen. John McCain spoke out against  Sony’s kickass film Zero Dark Thirty

    came from lessons he learned chasing waterfalls at the Nexus.

    even Jason Spievak (above, aloha shirt) and Marissa Wenzke (incoming EIC to his right)

    were all this is f-ing awesome, maclemore


    and then after an hour we shut off the recording devices and seriously partied

    and it was good.

    for those of you who didn’t make the reunion, east coasters, and Ben Sullivan

    i can tell you that this generation of Nexites are worthy and you should expect big things from them.

    which we can all celebrate next year at this time, something i recommend for all of you who haven’t done it in a while.

    the campus, after 20 years of jackhammers and scaffolds, and orange cones is fully realized

    american flag in isla vista

    the foot patrol, which was a victim of a molitif cocktail last year looks nice


    you can get freakin pho in IV


    and gone are the days where your bike would get stolen even if you had it locked to a cop car,

    today’s kids are so sweet and giving (blame the molly) they just leave their bikes in the bike lanes

    for people who need a bike, to take a bike


    the hippie vibe is so pronounced these days they even celebrated Earth Day a week late

    so all the kids who went to Coachella last weekend wouldnt miss it.


    ok to the left is IV Theater which means dead ahead is where the repair shop, tropical fish store

    and sole quasi romantic sit-down restaurant was – the one you went to the one and only time you ever had a traditional date in IV

    well now its a 5 story monstrosity that id immediately burn down during the next riot

    because seriously wtf


    i mean if people wanted this they could easily have gotten into uc san diego


    same goes for you, sidewalk that noone uses and lamp poles to cut down on sexual assaults at night

    sadly i witnessed some verbal abuse in the broad daylight and i remembered oh yeah theres always asswipes even in paradise


    btw paradise looked pretty hot yesterday and misses you


    one of the pocket parks has a ping pong table and theres even ping pong balls waiting for you


    and people studying on the beach playing bob marley for you


    and hippies who have lived in IV since 1989 stoked to go to Javans with you

    the end

    next year tsar should play in storke plaza and we should take over kcsb and broadcast it live

    and go to jail and then break out cuz its santa barbara come on duh