Rickets better hope God’s not a Cub fan b/c Blasphemy gets you sent to Hell


“I’m not sure how anyone is going to stop the signs in the outfield, but if it comes to the point that we don’t have the ability to do what we need to do in our outfield then we’re going to have to consider moving. It’s a simple as that.”

– Tom Rickets, co-owner, Chicago Cubs, May 1, 2013

the owner of the Cubs wants to put a half billion dollars of renovation into the greatest ball park in the world.

the neighbors behind the outfield walls are complaining about the proposals, not because it would be louder and brighter and cause more ruckus at night (which it would)

but because they like to sell tickets to their roofs and charge people for the worst seats in town for the game.

so today Cub owner Tom Rickets said if he didn’t get his way he’d literally take his ball(club) and go home (to the suburbs).

one suburban mayor quickly offered the team 25 acres for free if they wanted to move out of the city and build a new stadium next to the airport in Rosemont.

i have put myself on an 8-hour time out on writing about this here because i didn’t want my emotions to bleed into this blog post.


we all know Wrigley Field is old and in some parts it shows its age.

but any man who puts a gun to the head of a baby during a negotiation has no business being in business.

even if the baby is 99 years old.

i hope you slip in the shower today rickets.

beastie boys on touring with madonna

pbs digital studios, the people who brought us mr rodgers singing from the grave,

has now dug up an old interview with the three bad bros you know so well

and animated it for her your pleasure.

i wish they had a little better interview to work with, but we get to hear them talk about their first tour

and how many other white rappers were around back in 1985.

but the best is hearing them be defensive about being labeled “suburban rap”.

(which they def were for a while)

my favorite meme pic of april 2013

good decision

the Sophisticated Cat meme is a solid one in which we see a well dressed cat reading the paper

and it looks like he just was blessed with The Greatest Idea.

at first it was that he should buy a boat for some reason.


then when the Ikea Monkey was lost at Ikea the Sophisticated Cat gave it a name and everyone LOLed like mad


people tried to do more with the meme from the perspective of the boat,

but to me the best one happened when the Boston Bomber was caught in the boat in that dude’s driveway


you can’t really top that one, especially since someone thought that up minutes after bro was apprehended


but people keep trying, so i’ll give them props for that.