moxie was all, wanna go to the Roosevelt pool?

i was like hmmmm i have a busy day ahead of me


first i have to follow up on Maria Menudos to make sure everythings ok with her


she said, but it’s supposed to be 90 degrees and its only May 2!


i said, i know i know, but i also have to check in on eric garcetti who’s running for mayor in an unusual way


she was all, sure, but they have these rafts that come with thong-clad girls who will ride with you


i said what? she was all yeah. the girls are free but the pictures cost $200.


i said but then i have to get a few new baseball caps cuz the ones i currently have are really bad luck


and moxie was all, on thursdays they crank the pool up to 99 degrees because they dont have a hot tub


and i was all but they just opened a top shop at the grove!


and she was all you handsome stud, with that new beard you just need some chopper one shades and a smile


but i was thinking about seeing the Iron Man Marathon and then the midnight screening of Iron Man 3

alie and georgia

and Mox was like, in fact i hear the hilarious, adorable, and famous tastemakers Alie ‘n Georgia might be there

roosevelt pool

she added, in fact isnt that them waving from those choice seats pool side on the 50 yard line?


i was all yeah but i havent seen The Croods yet and my gf Emma Stone is getting pissed

roosevelt pool

so i went to the Croods (it was good) but THANK YOU FOR INVITING ME MOXIE!!!!! MAYBE NEXT TIME!