does Matt Drudge even read the articles he’s linking to?

drudge plague

matt drudge has made so much money off headlines that link to stories that he buys houses with cash.

he bristles when you call him a blogger, and i think most bloggers do too

because most people dont think that just providing links and headlines is blogging.

whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it wrong today because currently he has a huge headline that says NOW COMES PLAGUE

with a picture of a creepy looking flying bug of some sort.

the headline is so odd that it sounds like Drudge himself may be in the throes of the plague


so you click the link and whoa, apparently billions of cicadas are fixin to party on the East Coast

They’ve even named it Brood II!

but in the second graph the reporter actually brings the science:

But as ominous as that sounds, the insects are harmless. They won’t hurt you or other animals. At worst, they might damage a few saplings or young shrubs. Mostly they will blanket certain pockets of the region, though lots of people won’t ever see them.

which makes you think, WTF matt drudge?

how does your weird OMG PLAGUE hed help people respect or trust you in the future?

and if the plan for the site is to exaggerate in science and nature as much as it does with politics

why would someone like LA Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti want his ad on that page?

maybe i’m missing something.

the Rainbow Bar & Grill sign for sale?

rainbow sign for sale

while driving home up La Brea from my dentist this morning I passed by my favorite corner junk yard

and i saw what appeared to be the the sign from Lemmy’s favorite bar, The Rainbow

so i did a u-turn, took a picture, and put it on my social media and then drove north by northwest to the Sunset Strip to investigate!

real rainbow sign

and Lo, the Rainbow sign is perfectly in tack. So what gives?

According to Joaquin Reyna-Donaldson, co-owner of Echo Park’s Little Joy Cocktails, the sign for sale is a Hollywood prop!

Joaquin says, “that’s from shitty film Rock of Ages. not the real bar. i looked into it.”

and looking at the very beginning of this scene (to the left), yep there it is

crisis averted

and now the grossest pictures of me ever, with the color juiced up way high


had to go to the dentist today because i need to get the xbi tracking device out of my molar


dont ask me why they had to make it look like i had the yellowest teeth in the world, but maybe that helps them in some way

whatevs, now i never need to stress out on taking a bad picture because nothing is worse than this

happy monday!

to cleanse your pallet, heres the best image that was on TV yesterday from the bleachers at Wrigley

cubs cinco

happy cinco de mayo!