a few things ive learned over the last few months


the irish county of leitrim has about 32,000 people in it, and yeats loved it there


some women, when sizing up men, will look at their fingernails to see if they are trimmed.

untrimmed nails, can cause cuts and therefore uti’s

so make sure yr nails are trimmed gentlemen


some people are excellent conversationalists even upon first real meeting


some people think somethings wrong if a little pretty white girl

runs to a black man’s arms

1908 is the most important year ever for Cubs fans

The French Dip: a tale from Los Angeles from Joris Debeij on Vimeo.

as it was the last time they won the World Series.

it was also the time LA invented the French Dip sandwich.

the debate here is who invented it, Philippe’s or Coles.

I always thought it was Philippe’s but after seeing this video I’m leaning to Coles.

I will say this though, I like Cole’s better, and it’s a more romantico locale

But Philippe’s is perfect right before or after a Dodger day game.