one of the prettiest girls you ever did see was mad at me


because i told her that her feature film might be better off written down as a tv show.

she didnt tell me i had hurt her feelings at first because life isnt perfect

but eventually it came out and i was a little thrown off because i didnt mean it as an insult.

our job as creative creatures is to make things and let them go free out into the world.

if you put some ingredients into a bowl and you think youre making the cupcakes ever

but what comes out are Twinkees, don’t be sad.  you just made something very special that people will say omg never saw this afore.

as creative people it isn’t our place to judge the things that we make.

election day

we can judge everything else in the world, just not those things.

those things are for everyone else to judge and enjoy.

our job is to go back and make things.

and if you can make something that can entertain people week after week

month after month

year after year after year

instead of for just a few hours, and then probs never again

i say thats an upgrade.

which is why i think blogging is better than pretty much all other forms of art.

next to hanging out with the prettiest girls you ever did see.

and waiting for the new burger king mcrib at noon in hollywood

on election day

why life sucks a lot: lead the eternally lousy Clippers to their best record ever = get canned

vinny del negro

life isnt fair.

if theres one theme the busblog has beaten into the ground it’s that one.

the good stuff happens in weird chunks

and the bad stuff happens when you least expect it to those who dont deserve it.

the Clippers clearly want to re-sign their star Chris Paul

Chris Paul clearly does not want Vinny Del Negro to be his coach so the Clippers let him go today.

but in life it’s not always best to let the big superstar to decide who his boss will be.

because when you do that you make the wrong person the boss and the one who was hired to be boss really isnt it.

there are coaches and there are players. theres only one boss and it should never be the player.

the boss should be the person who gets the best results out of the team.


you dont have to like him, or understand him, or even believe in him.

but if that fucker gets you wins in a respectful and honorable way he should not have to worry about job security.

once again the clippers have made a giant error.

unless they think Phil Jackson is going to come out of retirement to crush his girlfriend’s team.

which aint happening neither.

be loyal to the people who do amazing work for you: or prepare to harvest bitter herbs.

we need some super heroes up in this piece


not ones who spy on americans

not ones who try to jail journalists

not ones who vote against aid for hurricane victims

not ones who dont listen to the people.

not ones who are giant bs artists so full of crap that they hire extra people to hold on to the extra crap that overfloweth.


they need to teach courage in school.

courage is doing something that is dangerous.

something that could end all of what you know.

courage is doing the right thing despite what it might do to you personally.

the dictionary says it is the “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty”.

all these so called Christians talk about fear and danger and not trusting evil doers etc

yet doesnt the good book say we have someone watching our back

so we can do the courageous things he’s rooting for us to do?

i wanna teach the bible to congress.

on tv.

and let america hear and see how their reps do on the tests.

something tells me it would make an excellent tv show.