today is bob dylan’s birthday, he’s 72

bob dylan with mick and keith

last night while playing pool i was trying to explain to a very nice man who pete rose was

i said, the hardest thing to do in sport is to hit a round ball with a round bat

being hurled at you a mere 60 feet away and safely get on first base.

of all the people in the world who played pro sports, pete rose had more hits than anyone.

if i knew last night that today was bob dylan’s birthday i would have added

and bob dylan is pete rose, michael jordan, walter payton, pele, and wayne gretzky


in a funny hat

and a raspy voice

strumming a guitar, while playing the harmonica

reciting some of the most fluid and beautiful poetry

to some of the most timeless music we’ve ever heard since recordings began.

here’s 72 shining examples of that

was gonna see Hangover 3 but i’m being told its the worst movie ever made

hangover 3which Jeff Whalen says usually means it is the best movie to see

right now it’s getting a dismal 21% on Rotten Tomatoes. So lets see what the few people who liked it are saying:

“Hangover III” is likable enough, even as it collapses in a heap. – Wall St. Journal

The surprise is that this trilogy concludes with a movie in which action often speaks louder than comedy. It isn’t as consistently, convulsively funny as The Hangover, or apparently intended to be. – Tampa Bay Times

The pleasant surprise of “The Hangover Part III” is a belated bout of adulthood has only made the extended-adolescent characters funnier. The result is a more traditional but more hysterical crowd-pleaser. – NY Daily News

The film delivers scant few laugh-out-loud moments, but it’s never boring. – Kansas City Star

And here are some of the bad ones:

This is an ugly, angry picture. – Seattle Times

I had to wait until halfway through the closing credits for my first, and only, laugh. – Chicago Sun-Times

An excessively violent action comedy that handily manages the tough task of feeling at once tired and aggressively heartless. – NPR

I’m not sure who let the dogs out this time, but they should be made to pay. – LA Times

The good news is that “The Hangover Part III” isn’t a rerun like the second episode. The bad news is everything else. – NY Post

Achingly unfunny. – Kurt Loder, Reason

So I guess I need to run off and see it!

my mom is starting to really get into Matt Good

she just texted me:

Criminal Minds the other night had the FBI riding in black helicopters.
Why didn’t they use Matt Good’s song for that scene?
Maybe because he’s not American?

technically he, and all of our friends in Canada (and Mexico) are North Americans

but for some reason i think it’s probs cuz Criminal Minds wasn’t aware of the killer tune

from the 2007 classic MG album