went to church today for the first time in about 20 years


i find that i judge every time im in church.

i think about how much better the band could be if they felt the music instead of read it off the charts.

i think about how the preacher should Bring It Home after he explains what the gospels mean.

i think about how few people wanna get close to the Word and how it’s not their fault.

this wasn’t a Catholic church so we didn’t receive communion. there was no holy water.

and we didn’t kneel when we prayed.

afterwards i went to brunch with a pretty girl and said all the wrong things.

as usual.

top of the list: i think i need to have my own church.

pretty sure no babe wants to hear that over eggs benedict.

958243_10151611517473057_1127765910_oeven if it’s true.

today we talked about Mark 3: the house divided.

i flipped right to it in the good book.

bro explained it perfectly but didn’t explain what it means to 21st century west LA.

didn’t talk about divorce, office politics, or listening to the evil part of your brain that says you suck.

a house divided cannot stand.

a bird who doesnt believe he cannot fly

cannot fly.

and xbi agent who doesnt trust the process gets shot.

if i was the preacher i woulda said does anyone in the house have an example?

how about a band who doesn’t Know and Love the music

cannot swing.

the spirit is in us, saints, let it fucking out.