people do some dumbass things in the name of love

fly like a beagle

and in the name of god or country or work.

they do things that they know aren’t nice or right or visionary or kosher.

but they do em anyway and they try to get it out of their head and they go to bed.

and in the morning is a new day.

and hopefully they do something good that day.

i love chicken. some may say eating meat is murder and they actually do have a point.

but i am a black man. and next to my momma and grape soda, i love chicken the most.

i also find myself currently with a lot of time on my hands while living dead center in the middle of one of the coolest cities in the whole wide world: if not the coolest.

especially for chicken.

for, you see, we have black folk, mexican folk, asian folk, armenian folk, and white folk all making delicious chicken dishes every day in this crazy metropolis

for sale.

in order to honor the chickens who gave their lives for our nourishment, im thinking i should probably go to a different joint about 3-4 times each week to eat, document, and ultimately rate the establishments so as to determine

the best chicken in all of LA

and i might have to start it today.

if you know of any places i shouldn’t miss feel free to tell me somehow.