1. Saturday, May 11, 2013

    dear kanye west 

    kanye west hits his head

    my brotha

    my chicago brotha

    i know you’re tired of the paparazzi. too bad.

    i know you’re embarrassed because you hit your head on a giant red sign because you were trying to keep your pretty face down so they couldnt get a picture of you and your famous pregnant baby mama.

    you should be.

    let the photographers take they pictures.

    they’re gonna take em anyways.

    you’re cray and you’re wearing leather pants and a leather shirt walking next to preggo Kim Kardashian


    you dont see your boy Jay-Z acting insane or knocking into signs

    and his wife is rightfully famous!

    do you remember Al Capone or Tony Soprano or even Elvis freaking out because people be eyeballing them?

    Elvis was a hero to most because he didn’t care about the paparazzi.

    Him nor John Wayne.

    you try so hard to be cool. to dress cool. you brag about yr swag.

    real swag is Expecting people to photograph your every move and instead of saying oh lawd

    say yeah



    with each step.

    as if this is your damn world.

    and they should be honored by your greatness.

    pull your head up brotha and dont ever lose your cool again.

    cuz thats not how we do things in the windy.

    and you know this.

    i hit it first