1. Saturday, May 25, 2013

    its amazing to me how many people in LA stay in their safe little neighborhoods 

    beautiful house

    and rarely take advantage of the never-ending breadth of diversity and discovery

    that this amazing metropolis has to offer

    not a through street

    sure they may convince themselves that they get out but seriously

    do we have to make an LA bingo game to show you how few squares you can scratch off

    beyond the 5 mile radius of your boring little comfort zone?

    metro building

    got invited to drink in Highland Park with ben and ken and brendan and shelley

    so i got on the metro and omg got out of the hollywood bubble. care to join me? great!


    walked down Sunset and noticed the big church was setting up for a huge outdoor summer party

    shit statue

    took the red line to union station to transfer to the gold line

    and noticed that theres always someone sitting on the shit statue

    or at least thats what i call it because it looks like a pile with weird corn in it


    great view

    soon forgot it as we got out of the station and headed towards chinatown which is beautiful from the elevated rail

    phone lady

    many forget that the busblog is named that because this blog started when i was commuting via the bus,

    something that gave me an endless amount of interesting stories to report.

    for example, this very pretty lady walked on the train yesterday and looked at this guy and said

    do you have a cell phone i can borrow?

    highland park metro station

    she had a short shirt on which was wonderful because her stretch marks were quite pronounced

    she was so confident in pretty much everything that she did. it was mildly inspirational.

    unsurprisingly she was on the borrowed phone for about twice as long as what seemed comfortable

    or necessary. but again it was the LA public transpo not being the slightest bit boring.

    dollar tree

    Dollar Tree wasn’t boring me

    coldest beer in town

    Cervezas were muy fría


    saw a young lady in an iron maiden tshirt pushing a woman in a wheelchair right into this dispensary

    highland park camera

    i shoulda taken a picture

    little cave outside

    but i was in town to drink


    and maybe eat a little salvadorian later

    inside little cave

    but first drink

    happy hour

    Little Cave has the most excellent happy hour hours


    afterwards brendan was all lets go to La Estrella

    La Estrella

    i said what about the Taco Bell right across the street


    but Shelley was all, come on man lets keep it real

    mmmm tacos

    and these tacos were so good i may have to go back there again soon

    boring estrella

    i have my theories why people dont leave their neighborhoods

    tony mix

    but ive got to go back to my detail, carpet cleaning, DJ business. hasta!