how on earth do our friends have kids going to prom?

stacy teas cover cruising world--large-msg-117576591018

the last time we checked in with Stacy Teas,

former Daily Nexus illustrator and College of Creative Studies artist, poet and writer

she was sailing around the world with her family and ending up on Cruising World mag

if you recall, she had a website about their boat and featured their little daughter Liv


Liv went to the junior prom yesterday in a thrift store dress that she painted


and got super creative with the makeup as well


Stacey laid out a table for Liv and her friends for their pre prom meal and indeed that is a wasp’s nest and a skull. #nbd

“Olivia collects them. So do I. So does her grandmother. They’re beautiful…,” Stacey wrote on her facebook.

once again, i have the greatest friends.

they should write books about how to raise such cool kids.