the Rainbow Bar & Grill sign for sale?

rainbow sign for sale

while driving home up La Brea from my dentist this morning I passed by my favorite corner junk yard

and i saw what appeared to be the the sign from Lemmy’s favorite bar, The Rainbow

so i did a u-turn, took a picture, and put it on my social media and then drove north by northwest to the Sunset Strip to investigate!

real rainbow sign

and Lo, the Rainbow sign is perfectly in tack. So what gives?

According to Joaquin Reyna-Donaldson, co-owner of Echo Park’s Little Joy Cocktails, the sign for sale is a Hollywood prop!

Joaquin says, “that’s from shitty film Rock of Ages. not the real bar. i looked into it.”

and looking at the very beginning of this scene (to the left), yep there it is

crisis averted