1. Tuesday, May 7, 2013

    this is my JAM 

    good thing i dont have a child ready to get borned real soon cuz id name it

    charles deadgiveaway ramsey pierce the third

    now some of my people cringe when they see some of my people, lets say, being so colorful

    and soulful like the hide your kids guy

    or Sweet “Aint Nobody Got Time for That” Brown

    or Michelle “Kabooyao” Clark.

    they’re worried that it suggests black folks are only interesting if they’re acting cray.

    “It’s difficult to watch these videos and not sense that their popularity has something to do with a persistent, if unconscious, desire to see black people perform,” Slate’s Aisha Harris writes.

    i totally understand her concern but here’s my belief.

    i believe that we’re here on this weird crust for a blink of an eye.

    and as an aspiring storyteller, if one day i am blessed with the opportunity to tell an interesting story

    and i can do it in such a unique way that people are compelled to autotune it and love it

    for whatever reason

    then mission accomplished.

    thank God babies and kittens and michael jordan and angus young and sunsets and Wrigley Field are not afraid of allowing themselves to really be themselves and not some watered down


    half assed version of themselves.

    thank God they let us love them for who they are for being confident in who they are.

    like my man Kai, the homeless hero

    Ruslan Tsarni the uncle of the two suspected Boston Bombers

    even Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver

    as a journalist don’t you prefer when people keep it real even when the cameras are rolling? i do.

    just as a person i prefer that.

    isn’t life difficult enough trying to figure if people are being 100% genuine and forthright with you?

    why suggest to some that they have to anglicize their speech, actions, and behaviors

    so that it makes you feel more comfortable?

    to quote a white rapper, “you think im gonna change my style just to fit in?”

    and even before he said that The Untouchables recommended that we free ourselves. and i agree