this weeks episode of kesha was pretty amazing

car cake i know its not totally cool to be omg in love with kesha but i gotta say her mtv reality series is mighty fantastic and ive seen my fair share of reality shows, especially mtv ones.

this week we see her struggle with writing her current album, getting over her very first love, learning some complicated dance moves, freaking out that her label might not like what she wrote, and then going to Amoeba to buy her album the day it came out.

it was super cute and very sweet and the closeness that she has with her mom and brother is really touching because bro is filming the whole thing and being her supporter and her mom full on writes songs with her like nbd.

and theyre good ass tunes!

before i got to see it though i got a spoiler alert email from the Parents Television Council though because their minds were blown that kesha drank her own pee in the episode.

first youre probably thinking “why are you getting emails from the PTC”? which is simple, i have very low self esteem and any time i get an email from them i feel tons better because as crappy as i think my life is, it’s never as phony pointless and so full of crap as the parents television council whose kids probably hate them more than i do.

Dear Friend of the PTC,

I wanted to get this note off to you immediately, so that you’ll know what MTV is planning to air tonight so you can avoid it!

We just got word that pop star Ke$ha is slated to drink her own urine on tonight’s episode of “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life” on MTV. And if you are a cable subscriber, your cable dollars helped pay for it.

We want you to know about this incident because we are sure that you’ll want to do everything you can to keep your kids or grandkids from being exposed such disgusting, vile content.

But there’s a bigger issue here: why should we have to pay for this kind of garbage just so we can get access to Discovery, Disney, or the Golf channel? It’s outrageous — and it shouldn’t be that way

clearly they did not watch the show or have watched the series because she only took a tiny baby sip of her pee to the outrage and disgust of her manager her friends family and band and the scene was like 20 seconds long and they drove off to you know make music for millions of dollars

but what really gets me riled up is they put out a press release about something that they didn’t even see. who does that?

you should get fined for that.

the incredibly attractive thing about this young lady is she is down for whatever. she is open and courageous and wild and sweet.

she isnt afraid of looking dumb and that allows her to have fun at being as dumb as she wants in a way that is so endearing that her fans feel so comfortable around her.

she is so uncool that shes super cool.

we are glad that our cable dollars helped pay for us to see this crazy beautiful person gross out her posse by doing something omg childish and outrageous

she is a singer in a band you slow witted people who dont even deserve my attention any more omg unsubscribed

ptc unsubscribe