today is bob dylan’s birthday, he’s 72

bob dylan with mick and keith

last night while playing pool i was trying to explain to a very nice man who pete rose was

i said, the hardest thing to do in sport is to hit a round ball with a round bat

being hurled at you a mere 60 feet away and safely get on first base.

of all the people in the world who played pro sports, pete rose had more hits than anyone.

if i knew last night that today was bob dylan’s birthday i would have added

and bob dylan is pete rose, michael jordan, walter payton, pele, and wayne gretzky


in a funny hat

and a raspy voice

strumming a guitar, while playing the harmonica

reciting some of the most fluid and beautiful poetry

to some of the most timeless music we’ve ever heard since recordings began.

here’s 72 shining examples of that