today is my first girlfriend mary’s birthday, she’ll always be 16 to me

mary hugging beara long time ago at a hockey game i met the prettiest girl in all the land

we were in high school. and for sure i wasnt the prettiest boy in all the land.

and still somehow i ended up with her phone number, which i think i still remember


who knows. it was many moons ago. but i called that number a lot.

probably more than i needed to because it turned out that she liked me

and probably wanted to do more than talk on the telephone every day

for years.

one day her dad got transferred and she told me they were gonna move far away.

so we started doing stuff like going to the movies

and going to our childhood playgrounds at night

and i finally got courage to kiss her

and tom petty’s breakdown was on the radio

and it was so sweet.

mary was so sweet. we wrote each other every day for a while.

just like how i write you every day now.

except back then we had paper and pen and she had different colored pens

and stationery and stickers and perfume and the nicest things to say.

when you write each other every day and youre a teenager and theres barely cable tv

theres not a lot to say but we said it and it was mostly i miss you

i love you

and i cannot wait to see you again because life is not the same without you.

i can not imagine having a better first girlfriend than todays birthday girl.

heres a different tom petty song that i think of her about sometimes when i hear it