1. Monday, May 20, 2013

    xbi said they were sorry for almost killing me, and were wondering if id consult 

    oj helmet

    i said theres this spot in my bookcase above my cable box and next to my xbox

    i cant put anything there because youre supposed to let there be some air there

    they were all, we’ll give you money

    i said i dont want your money i want something to put in that hole

    and on my doorstep this morning was pretty much exactly what i was looking for

    oj simpson the juice

    a Buffalo Bills autographed helmet by OJ Simpson

    also known as The Juice

    so i put on some pants and i drove to the xbi and consulted.

    we ate some kosher food, brainstormed some genius ideas

    shook hands,

    and who knows, maybe i might make it over there later in the week or something

    i have a hole over my couch.