today is the truest’s birthday, shes 24

chriswhich is weird because ive known her prob 25 years.

oh details…

everyones favorite person is living in luxury in “new” mexico learning how to best save the world.

when you ask her about it she will say, oh im not saving the world, when indeed thats very much what she’s learning – she just humble.

for a long time we dated and even lived together for many years.

and i will tell you that it was during that time i needed the most saving and she accomplished that impossible mission.

we first met in college, we fell in love in frisco where we shacked up together, and later we even gave it a shot in LA.

the busblog trifecta.

infact she knew me well before the busblog, even in the black & white days before there was the series of tubes we call the web.

and still, for some reason she wants to remain friendly with me.

we traveled around the world. we met strange and unusual people together. we made hella money

and supported each other when we were hella broke.

the other day i was in frisco for the xbi and it was hard to drive around that town and not think of her and all the fun things we did there.

likewise its hard to be on the wessside and not think of all the banks we robbed together there.

not every beautiful relationship lasts forever though, as Ozzy has ought us.

sometimes you have to split from Sabbath to team up with your Randy Rhodes or Ronnie James Dio

but eventually they pass on and you reunite for a very profitable – and creative – reunion tour.

meanwhile i just hope that she is enjoying the beauty and magic of the Land of Enchantment

and i hope she knows that california and i miss her very much

especially on this, her special day

happy birthday Chris!