today is michele’s birthday, shes 24

michelemichele was my first california girlfriend. she grew up within feet of zuma beach.

she was a literal tree hugger but because she is a california native, and her family raised her right.

sometimes we would take little road trips in my grandmas cadillac before your were born and she would see a whale in the distance and hold my hand. i’d hear gentle sobbing and id see a little tear.

id say why are you crying?

and she’d say, because theyre so beautiful and we keep polluting their home.

the sea.

i said but dont they poop and pee in their home?

and she’d let go of my hand and say, tony we’re doing a lot more than pooping and peeing in their home.

and she’d turn on the radio and say never mind.

her parents loved me and i loved them right back. i was only 19 and they let me sleep over any time i wanted, no questions asked. they knew it was a long way from malibu to inglewood. and they also knew their only daughter was in love with this goofy midwesterner.

michele was into poetry, the cure, journalism, dylan, zeppelin, U2 and what romance was supposed to be. and indirectly and directly she taught me.

we’d go to foreign films in beverly hills and santa monica. we’d watch the moon over the ocean. we’d drive and talk and talk and talk. we even talked on the phone. back then they had phones.

she taught not to take so many things personally, especially from geminis.

today michele is married with kids. she lives in the forrest as nature is her bff.

last year i bought one of the books she had published. it was for kids, but i learned a lot. still teaching, that one is.

happy birthday michele. im sending you a message in the bottle of of love, happiness and joy. you did so much for this boy.