cant really divulge what i was really doing in frisco


but this room was spectacular, though hardly used. which is fine. it had blackout drapes so i slept beautifully.


this morning though i had to keep them open so i could have breakfast with mark johnson at this soul food joint on polk


and then hustle over to this church to light some candles for a couple struggling xbi agents.


and unlike in Quebec, the suggested donation was quite reasonable, and not $4 a candle


frisco has changed, in some ways for the better


one thing that is even stronger is love for the Grateful Dead, i saw hella Deadhead stickers, hats, and patches


but what frisco teaches us is you can talk about hippie stuff, or you can actually be a hippie


i love hippies, but my room had a view where you could see the bay bridge (far left) light up at night.

gotta turn off yr lights tho for best effect.


mark had the Étouffée, i had grits bacon and eggs. pretty sure he won.


mark was the one who told me how cool the cool church was, and once again, my friends are the greatest


you know who else is the greatest? the secret xbi repair shop.

chased this dude through the streets of san francisco after church

and before i got him he released all these nails and screws out of his back window and my fat tires ate them


i was in and out of there so quickly i didnt even have time to play the drum