dear tony, what the heck is going on with etienne?

etienneone of the bad things about being part of the xbi (or the canadian version, the cix) is that the agencies like to poison its agents

even if youre the boss’s daughter.

at some point you feel like youre gonna die.

and the way the crazy doctors are inside the xbi

they might even tell you straight up you are gonna die.

a few weeks ago your girl was told she could quite possibly have

HIV, cancer, or shingles or godknowswhat.

I was all, you dont have those things. She was like. I know.

But she was getting terrible rashes, she was dizzy

all she could do was sleep and vomit.

i said send me a picture. she sent this one.

i said no of the rashes. but she was on to me.

then the other day i got this email:

Not dyyyyyyingggy

Not caaaaaancer!!!!!

I have a genetic cholesterol thing and its got to be treated with some months of drugs, that caused my dizziness. And i have an infection. My liver.

So tomorrow i already have 2 doc appointments.

It can all be treated with drugs!!!

And my liver infecion might have caused my lil tumors AND my rashes and so i still have to get a catscan amd control my things but my hair will grow back and ill be normal soon i hope!!!!%!

Im soooooo happy

Your praying worked!!!!

but apparently theres still a little praying left to do, so when you say yours tonight feel free to give etienne a shout oot