Die Antwoord new video “Cookie Thumper”

i cant believe people thought this was a fake band not too long ago
and by people i mean professional rock and roll journalists
not only are they real but theyre really good.
this video should make MTV more ashamed than normal for not showing videos any more
not that they would show this video even in the bad old days
but this is the type of video that would have gotten then all the cred they shoulda been getting
instead they get cred for showing duran duran and mj vids
and the cars and ah ha and madona ext ect ext

is there one person out there with any courage doing cool stuff at a high level?

thought it was gonna be obama but: no

thought it was gonna be yr momma but: no

looks like onlyest ones doing it are DA and VICE

maybe kayne a lil bit, but fool is still waiting for his croisants

anyone who can get distracted as easily as he can about massages and a stained rug

can get got

kwest out