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creepy ass cracker

in todays Trayvon Martin case, George Zimmerman’s attorney’s first fumbled when they faced a more focused Rachel Jeantel, the Haitian-born friend of the victim who was on the phone with him right before he was killed.

the defense fumbled when they tried to discredit her by harping on her reading abilities, her neighborhood’s colorful way of speaking, and whether or not “cracker” was a racial word.

although Jeantel’s testimony occasionally contradicts itself, she is a reliable witness in what she is capable of being: someone who was on the phone with the victim as all hell broke loose.

by trying to use typical trial strategies against someone who is emotional, defensive, and likable, they are using a sledge hammer on a screw.

but the biggest mistake they made was totally expose themselves as being ignorant towards the basics of Twitter when, while trying to discredit another witness, accused her of following George Zimmerman when indeed someone else with Zimmerman’s name (a Zimmerman fan, most likely) was following her.

there is a cardinal rule on tv law shows that says “dont ask a witness a question that you dont know the answer to.”

an addendum to that should be “don’t accuse witnesses about how they use social media that you have no clue about.”

Zimmerman should ask for a mistrial right now because his council is a sloppy rag of fail.