1. Friday, June 14, 2013

    figured out what my indoor/outdoor pool will look like 


    then got a phone call (!) from the xbi asking why i was still taking my meds

    i was all they make me feel better

    they were like no they dont

    i was all well yeah youre right they sorta destroy everything about my insides

    they make my hands shake and my heart murmur and my brain go all kablooey

    xbi were like so why the f do you take them?

    i shrugged and said cuz i always do when im sick

    and just then at my front door i heard a knock knock knock

    and from outside THEN STOP TAKING THOSE PILLS!

    followed by the crash of one of the pots of one of my favorite plants.

    then the voice on the phone said

    now you’ll never forget.