first impression of Kanye’s West’s new cd Yeezus

kanye yeezus

Kanye is like an alive, unholographed angrier Tupac who isn’t afraid to rock a black leather skirt and utilize Skrillex

It’s what Pink Floyd would have sounded like if they had replaced Roger Waters with a lead pipe

It’s what The Beatles would have sounded like if they were raised in Cabrini Green

It’s what the new Dr. Dre record would have sounded like if he wasn’t obsessed selling headphones

It’s what Bruce Jenner feels like inside every time he sees Keeping up with the Kardashians

It’s the sound black unicorns make after they snort a line off the back of a porcupine

It’s exactly what hip hop haters will point to and say SEE! SEE?

It’s the music in Hodor’s head