1. Monday, June 24, 2013

    had a nice day yesterday at the LA Press Club awards 


    besides doling out awards to high school, college, and professional journalists we gave love to Carl Reiner


    Dianne on the left put on a great show at the Biltmore and Jill, our president seemed pleased


    Buster has been a press club member since the 40s and brought the woman with the best dress


    after helping set up, i was given a key to the day room, took a shower and threw on my suit.


    st. biltmore was all quit lookin at my daughter, sharped dressed man


    took the stairs cuz im fat


    we had such a beautiful room to throw the bash. the chicken was good, the comedian was funny, all was well


    rebecka and john had a good time, and it was nice to see them


    speaking of, some of my kpcc friends were there. john and kristen won, as did josie and sanden and lots of other kpccers


    carl reiner was funnier than i expected him to be


    biggest surprise of the day? the dude from the nanny was there! patt the hat was stoked!

    all in all, yes i dont like going to things like this, but in very small doses, it can actually be  funner than sitting around.

    thanks obama!