1. Friday, June 7, 2013

    how did I get into the sold out petty show 

    tom petty at the fonda

    at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood?


    simple. I told todd martens of the doc martens empire dude I’ll be yr plus one


    he was all I want a cute girl to be my plus one.


    I was all ain’t no cute girl wanna see petty on a thursday – they wanna see Bjork


    he was all I’m not even sure I get a plus one.


    I said on Earth you get to pretend to be positive, so be positive space boy


    He was like well don’t be mad if I last minute call u


    And he called and I called Uber and $9 later I was buying $12 beers loving Tom Petty and his heartbreakers

    Thanks Todd!!!