i know people are scared out there

storm trooperssome dont want to be like their parents
or make the same mistakes as their parents
so they do things they know arent right

some totally wanna be like their parents
and have all the things their parents had
so they do things they dont know are wrong

sometimes i feel like i should wait until the very last day im on the earth
before i have a kid
that way i wont poison the mind of that little blank slate
but thats probably not the right thing to do either

there is no right thing to do
but man oh man are there a bunch of wrong things to do.
trust me, i’ve doed them.

but the one thing you cannot do thats wrong
is think about what in your heart you love to do
and do that.

even if its evil.

oh wait, ok dont do evil
even if its what you love to do.
write about evil in books
save beautiful loving creative courageous things for real life.

i know its scary.

but youre gonna be scurred anyways.

may as well have something your kids can look back later and say

wow, mom and dad sure didnt give one damn about anything
they just went for it
and holy guacamole did they rock.

in heaven i hope to eat some of that holy guacamole.