my mom was Not happy with Miley Cyrus on Kimmel last night

which is weird because

1) i dont watch Jimmy Kimmel every night but for some reason i was enthralled and impressed by her

2) i didnt think my mom ever watched Kimmel

3) i thought her appearance was way tamer than her current video for her hit single (it’s #5 on Billboard)

anyways heres what moms texted me this morning:

“I was embarrassed for Miley Cyrus last night on Jimmy Kimbel. Her dance was not for tv even at night on non-cable channel.”

FCC, i hope you’re still a voracious reader of the busblog because my mom could use a better job than the one shes got right now

and she seems like just your cup of tea.

i dont think my mom saw the interview because in it she talked about how she and Snoop Lion are BFFs now

and says maybe its cuz they enjoy the natural wonders

“we’re more alike than you’d think,” Billy Ray’s daughter said.