19 years ago OJ lead the cops on a slow car chase

me and Todd Francis were roommates on Folsom Street in SF.

we were watching the NBA Finals when this broke into the game.

not this video, but video of the Bronco going through the LA freeways to Brentwood.

because of the job i had i was able to watch the entire OJ trial

i still believe that OJ didn’t do it, that he wouldnt/couldn’t do it

and had no reason to kill his ex wife or Ron Goldman.

i believe that she had a big drug bill that he was being pressured to pay and he didn’t pay it

and no way did he think that they would kill her over it.

so when you listen to him talking to the LAPD detective, like I just did,

doesn’t he sound like a man who loves his ex wife and feels guilty,

not for killing her, but for being indirectly responsible for her death?

also i think he is keeping the gun on him because he’s nervous the real murderers might be in his house

i dont think he wanted to kill himself, which is more proof to me that he didnt kill her.

how many murderers end up killing themselves soon after? lots. but not OJ.

anyways, call me crazy, many have, but i think its far more suspicious that the prosecution

never brought up this slow car chase in the original trial.

and i think they didn’t because it would have helped the defense establish reasonable doubt.

because if you are really trying to evade a murder: why go slow, and why go to your house?

i think you go slow because you want witnesses, and you want cops around you

and best of all, tv helicopters, just incase there is someone waiting for you.

someone who is capable of killing two people with a knife right off a busy street and no one seeing them.