one thing i didnt like aboot etienne was her love of Nike


so of course when i asked her how she was feeling

she made sure to wearing the sweatshop shoes in her photo.

her brother is here on business so last night we went to Home with danielle and her doctor friend

where we drank 8pm mimosas and sat in the catbird seat as the sun set on the

longest day of the year.

then we had gelato and sped over to the El Rey

sea wolf at the el rey

where sea wolf had attracted a very impressive crowd.

we were on the left balcony and i saw an old guy sitting on a chair

obsessed with his cell phone for much of the night.

near the end of the first set i saw his teen daughter ask him for money

she and her date walked off to buy cokes

then when they returned the dad wasnt there.

they put down the cokes

and standing up kissed. french style but not very much moving at all. so sweet.

may have been their first kiss ever, cuz then they hugged.

so i yelled DOWN IN FRONT



afterwards we mugged the dad for his cell phone