nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    best laid plans of uber drivers and unemployed men 

    hot wheels

    good thing for me nothing in here is true but i believe the City of LA today outlawed

    Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar

    aka my brilliant plan to drive people around LA without having to be a taxi driver.

    my mom hates my idea because she thinks it’s dangerous

    but i enjoy driving. i love LA. and strangers are some of my favorite people.

    also i believe in the Lord, and I don’t worry too much about dying

    especially while driving a hipster cab hailed from people via their iPhones.

    anyways i was thisclose to trading in the sportscar for the Ford C-Max

    aka the Prius Killer and then driving around LA at rates lower than cabs.

    but the City of LA seems to hate revenue.

    they keep trying to figure out ways to “control” the medical marijuana dispensaries

    even though there doesnt seem to be any problems with it even tho there are lots of pot shops

    and now theyre trying to put the noose on the Uber model.

    heres the thing about the Free Market: it usually works.

    if 1,500 tax-paying pot shops don’t increase crime, then let them all exist

    if Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar add an alternative to transporting people around this city as opposed to limos, cabs, and Craigslist “friends”, then let them roll.

    wasn’t America supposed to be the land of the free?

    just tax them, which should be easy, and when a problem occurs, either let the very capable auto insurance industry handle it

    or then enact some sort of legislation that says “you must have a car no older than 10 years old, and carry sorta expensive insurance”.

    and then get the heck out of the way of progress.

    now ive gotta get a real job.

  2. i know people are scared out there 

    storm trooperssome dont want to be like their parents
    or make the same mistakes as their parents
    so they do things they know arent right

    some totally wanna be like their parents
    and have all the things their parents had
    so they do things they dont know are wrong

    sometimes i feel like i should wait until the very last day im on the earth
    before i have a kid
    that way i wont poison the mind of that little blank slate
    but thats probably not the right thing to do either

    there is no right thing to do
    but man oh man are there a bunch of wrong things to do.
    trust me, i’ve doed them.

    but the one thing you cannot do thats wrong
    is think about what in your heart you love to do
    and do that.

    even if its evil.

    oh wait, ok dont do evil
    even if its what you love to do.
    write about evil in books
    save beautiful loving creative courageous things for real life.

    i know its scary.

    but youre gonna be scurred anyways.

    may as well have something your kids can look back later and say

    wow, mom and dad sure didnt give one damn about anything
    they just went for it
    and holy guacamole did they rock.

    in heaven i hope to eat some of that holy guacamole.

  3. Monday, June 24, 2013

    very happy for the blackhawks 

    even though i have lived in California longer than i lived in ILL

    theres no way i would ever root for any other team more than the Chicago team

    except of course for the south siders in the junior circuit.

    i am loyal, to a fault. it may be my biggest fault.

    in order for me to turn my back you’ve probably done something pretty bad.

    if not several things

    many times.

    the blackhawks, and their fans: amazing.

    even when they werent very good, youd see people with those beautiful jerseys

    all over the chicagoland area.

    my mom sent me video of blocks and blocks and blocks around Wrigley Field

    of Hawks fans in the streets cheering like crazy.

    if i was there, id so be there.

    blackhawk fans partying

  4. had a nice day yesterday at the LA Press Club awards 


    besides doling out awards to high school, college, and professional journalists we gave love to Carl Reiner


    Dianne on the left put on a great show at the Biltmore and Jill, our president seemed pleased


    Buster has been a press club member since the 40s and brought the woman with the best dress


    after helping set up, i was given a key to the day room, took a shower and threw on my suit.


    st. biltmore was all quit lookin at my daughter, sharped dressed man


    took the stairs cuz im fat


    we had such a beautiful room to throw the bash. the chicken was good, the comedian was funny, all was well


    rebecka and john had a good time, and it was nice to see them


    speaking of, some of my kpcc friends were there. john and kristen won, as did josie and sanden and lots of other kpccers


    carl reiner was funnier than i expected him to be


    biggest surprise of the day? the dude from the nanny was there! patt the hat was stoked!

    all in all, yes i dont like going to things like this, but in very small doses, it can actually be  funner than sitting around.

    thanks obama!

  5. Saturday, June 22, 2013

    one thing i didnt like aboot etienne was her love of Nike 


    so of course when i asked her how she was feeling

    she made sure to wearing the sweatshop shoes in her photo.

    her brother is here on business so last night we went to Home with danielle and her doctor friend

    where we drank 8pm mimosas and sat in the catbird seat as the sun set on the

    longest day of the year.

    then we had gelato and sped over to the El Rey

    sea wolf at the el rey

    where sea wolf had attracted a very impressive crowd.

    we were on the left balcony and i saw an old guy sitting on a chair

    obsessed with his cell phone for much of the night.

    near the end of the first set i saw his teen daughter ask him for money

    she and her date walked off to buy cokes

    then when they returned the dad wasnt there.

    they put down the cokes

    and standing up kissed. french style but not very much moving at all. so sweet.

    may have been their first kiss ever, cuz then they hugged.

    so i yelled DOWN IN FRONT



    afterwards we mugged the dad for his cell phone