1. Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    sat in the front row of the knothole club last night for the cubs 


    theyve got this special train that goes from LA’s union station to the parking lot of anaheim stadium

    $7 round trip and the train waits a half hour after the game to take you back home


    weird fact via mr todd martens about anaheim stadium: they have a Goose Island Bar in honor of the Chicago beer

    yet strangely there’s no Goose Island  beer at the holiest of holies, Wrigley Field


    on Stub Hub i got tix like these, half price, outfield, food service, waiter service, easy to eat

    (and better to see than these folks)


    our tables were right in front of us. todd got the footlong, plain with a side of flies


    i got the super chicken super guac nacho supreme super sized (for good luck)


    our waiter was a little slow so we just said pour us a six pack and another six pack in six minutes


    it made us all smile, even young andrew sternberg, esq. (center) also at this point in the 8th the cubs were winning


    so in the bottom of the eighth the Angels fans prayed to their dirty god the Rally Monkey


    and then promptly Albert Puljos slammed one about 666 feet into the Jack n the Box sign above the scoreboard


    and then we commenced our walk of shame back home.