theres an evil inside me right now

thanks obamait wont let me sleep

it made me think i had brain tumors

then eye tumors.

yesterday i thought i was all better.

thought i had ducked out of the bad stuff.

this is the bad stuff and soon it will come out.

it will be violent and disgusting.

my toilet is not ready for this jelly.

my house is a mess. my gut is a mess. my throat is gross.

and my soul is gray.

how did i get this sick?

was it the beer i sipped?

was it that hookah i was offered?

was it the canned chili turkey?

i never have problems sleeping but ive been having problems sleeping.

when you have no true purpose to your day you just wander.

but when youre sick everything comes at you.

your dear mother that you love more than anything emails you

saying i dont think the email is workin.

when i worked at a gas station, as soon as you were retired you obsessed about your tire pressure.

working people who actually did drive a lot, with babies and kids, they never cared about tire pressure.

but the older they got, it was all about the tires.

and now that its modern times: its the email aint workin sonny.

imma wander to the puke room and bid adieu to all thats ill

see you on the other side of happy.