1. Wednesday, June 19, 2013

    this might be the time for me to go into film reviewing 

    the critics didnt like super man

    the fact that the critics are that out of step from what audiences like


    which industry?

    the ginormous film reviewer industry.

    speaking of which, how many are there left who you’d want to see on tv?

    or who you really truly rely on when making your movie making descions?

    there are a few i like, but most of them i avoid like the plague because

    a) they seem to have no problem doling out spoilers willy freakin nilly

    b) they come across as super smartypantses

    c) they pretend that these films weren’t made for one reason: to please the audience

    of course there are exceptions

    like the little man in the chair in frisco

    the little man

    what more do you need than that?

    well sometimes you do need a rant against a certain dumb trend or terrible story

    but theyre never about the right things.

    also most films are reviewed by reviewers in sterile screenings.

    there should be a week moratorium on reviews so critics could see films in public

    with the madding crowd!

    i love seeing if my stuck up little neighborhood will clap at the end of movies.

    ironman: no

    superman: yes

    this is the end: loudly

    shouldnt that be in the review? or doesnt what the audience think matters?

    i would think that if film critiques are part of journalism, then why exclude reportage from some other witnesses?

    sports journalists tell you how the crowd reacts, so to political reporters.

    anyways. the critics blew it with superman. yes a few moments were ridiculous.

    but mama mia the opening 15 minutes alone sets the bar so high that the fact the following gazillion minutes isnt a complete letdown is a miracle.

    man of steel

    i give man of steel a super crazy clapping little man