1. Thursday, June 27, 2013

    throwback thursday – antone’s, 2007, austin 

    with moka at sxsw

    austin texas, sxsw, a few days before st. patricks day

    i was talking to a fantastic young lady named moka

    true, i had been drinking. for several days. as that is what you do there.

    and you talk and talk and listen to very smart people and later you hear great bands.

    but maybe for 80 percent of the time theres a drink in your hand

    and you are in some of the coolest bars and rock clubs in america.

    for example as i was talking with moka we were in historic antone’s on 6th street

    home of the famous blues club opened by 25 year old clifford antone in 1975

    antone was forced into starting the club that would later springboard the careers of stevie ray vaughn because he was kicked out of nearby university of texas because of a drug charge or something.

    while in antones talking to moka before the sondre lerche show sipping on a Lone Star

    i said, i know ive only known you for 15 minutes, but can i take a picture of us

    im probably going to forget all of this.