1. Friday, June 28, 2013

    today i saw monsters university 

    monsters u

    dear diary

    today is friday which means i had to set my alarm to 11am so i could take a shower, and move my car before noon.

    fortunately monsters university was playing at a bargain matinee in glendale at 11:30am

    it was a good movie but a few things irritated me:

    somehow the people in the theatre were eating their popcorn at ridiculously loud levels

    didnt even know that was possible, but either these people were STARVING

    or my spidey senses are on a super high level.

    meanwhile in front of me two people just WOULD NOT STOP PLAYING ON THEIR PHONES

    this was a good movie. no need for you to tweet to yr friends how good it is. while youre “watching” it!

    very distracting and if i had some popcorn i would have thrown it at them.

    note to self.