should i work at the excellent restaurant or the ok restaurant

excellent and ok restaurant

my poor mom. she didnt hurt anyone. she only wanted to plant flowers and teach the kids to read.

instead she has to deal with me, the craziest son in the world.

thank god she only just learned that there really are black helicopters in the world.

friday morning i have an interview with Uber.

she doesnt want me to be an Uber driver.

she thinks its dangerous. even though no ones ever died from being an Uber driver.

moms are supposed to worry.

which is why no way in hell am i gonna tell her about the job interview ive got on Saturday morning.

but the thing is she should be retired now.

not working at Mrs. Fields Cookies in the mall.

she should be drinking margaritas and playing penny slots. or texting with her grandkids.

i need to be providing for her. and mama mia could these two jobs provide.

age wise im at the peak of my earning potential, some head hunter told me on the phone.

you know what else im at the peak of, i told him, putting up with bs.

ever since the xbi poisoned me ive had the sourest stomach.

even last night at kanpai i was all more saki please.

hopefully its stressed related. pre stress. post stress.

just give me a car and los angeles and and iphone and im good.

and i betch the stories will just flow.