today is the united states of america’s birthday, it’s 24

obama fist bump

a long time ago dinosaurs lived in what is now known incorrectly as america

incorrect, i say because there is a north, south, and central america, and it’s arrogant to call just one of it america

after the dinosaurs lived here, the native americans did their thing

and were eventually replaced by what is now known as Americans, which isn’t an arrogant term somehow.

the united states has many terrible terrible things in its short history, and some extremely cringeworthy things happening now.

but what strong country doesnt?

one reason i love the USA is because it’s completely capable of saving the world just as easily as it is capable of ruining it.

it’s as dysfunctional and ridiculous as many of its relationships, and oftentimes rooted in what it hopes it saysanother reason i love the US is because of its relationship with the Bible.

they promised us jetpacks

as opposed to what it really truly is.

i love that the USA invented country, jazz, blues, rock n roll, and hip hop

as if no other nation had the tools.

same goes for Hollywood

and Silicon Valley.

i love that the US is a collection of people from all over the globe, but what i really love is its becoming even funkier

even more people are coming here or being born here and figuring it out and adding their two cents

and joining the chorus of dreams coming true right here.

i like that anyone crazy enough to do it can get married now.

i like that two states said f it we’re gonna legalize this weed that has never killed anyone.

i like that a fourth major tv network has brought variety to the dial

and i like that netflix and hbogo and tivo and the xbox, all american creations, are taking us to the next place

i like that i can get on a bus and here a variety of languages

i like that i could kiss a pretty girl right this minute simply by saying

abraham lincoln sent me

i love that we invented the internet

and the clapper

and the turducken.

when i was a kid i was taught to fear russians

then we were told to learn japanese cuz they were gonna take over

then people said to fear muslim extremists

and now the chinese.

the only thing i fear is that america will forget it can achieve anything it wants

any time it wants

no matter how crazy the idea is

wifi is a crazy idea.

but fearing the boogey man is just stupid.

i cant wait for america to be brave again. and free.

cuz thats my favorite flavor of america.

happy 237th birthday, usa.

land that i love.

i learned today that the xbi were not giving me headaches

canadian cheerleaders


how do i know this?

a few days ago i stopped playing it to see if the headaches was from it. AND IT WAS!

why do i think this?

well in candy crush you sorta have to squint a little to search for patterns with colors

and shapes and you have to look at the whole screen with your peripheral vision.

most of your time your eyes and head dont do that.

so even if youre only doing it for 30 mins a day, IT CAN GIVE YOU TERRIBLE HEADACHES FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAY

so i quit.

but i miss it so.

and i think i might just have to delete it from my phone

because im terribly addicted to it.