jeffrey mcmanus died on the fourth of july, he was my age

jeffrey mcmanus

a former writer and editor at the world famous ucsb daily nexus,

jeff catapulted to success with big time gigs at Yahoo, eBay and some of his own companies.

but besides his beautiful wife and children, it seemed that he was most excited about honoring the Nexus.

he was the biggest organizer of our annual reunions, the man behind, @DailyNexusAlums,

and the Daily Nexus Alumns Facebook group whose header shows him doing a shot with the current EIC.

jeff was always full of life and energy and bad jokes and laughter.

you may not have agreed with his humor, but his heart was always in the right place.

just like all of us, he wanted life to be about fun and joy and kicking major ass.

and now he’s dead because of something to do with his health.

but mostly because life isn’t fair,

and death arrives like a thief in the night

so rock while you can.