my friend


Had to get some stuff out of storage.

Not what you’re thinking.


Hired two dudes at the Home Depot parking lot to help.

They were amazing with a modest pickup truck. And they knew it and kept upping the price.

I will never stop loving their country.

buffalo soldier


I’m in a strange place without wifi but it does have electricity so that’s nice.

Just think, kids today will probably never remember a time when it was hard to get online.

xbi asked me to detox some guy and I was all I don’t know how to do that. And they said just make sure he stays clean and if he starts spazzing out big time fly him to a hospital.

So I’ve got Bob Marleys Legend going and he’s chuckling to Bukowski’s Tales of Ordinary Madness in the next room.

But don’t let those giggles fool you. Winter is coming.

I remember hearing about Coletrane kicking H – how he got his food slid under the door (?) and the hotel staff was told to ignore anything that they heard in there.

Earlier I asked if I could live tweet it and he said no.

Ten bucks I get puked on.